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Season Ticket Holder Month of Winning

Season Ticket Holder Month of Winning

August 4, 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to our lucky and loyal Season Ticket Holders who have been randomly selected for the "Month of Winning" contest! Each day during the month of July, a Bears Season Ticket Holder account was randomly selected to win a variety of prizes. 

If you are interested in becoming a new Hershey Bears Season Ticket Holder, please contact Derek Moore at (717) 508-BEAR, plans start at $195.00 with great seats still available!

1-Jul-(2) Maroon 5 Tickets: JOHN E.
2-Jul-(1) $25 CommunityAid gift card:  JAMES M.
3-Jul-(2) Lynyrd Skynyrd Tickets:  EDWARD H.
4-Jul-Zach Sill signed puck:  EDWARD F.
5-Jul-(1) $50 GIANT gift card:  WILLIAM K.
6-Jul-$50 Arooga's Gift Card:  SUSAN F.
7-Jul-Colby Williams & Wayne Simpson signed 17-18 Commemorative Photo Plaque: ALAN F.
8-Jul-(2) Maroon 5 Tickets:  ADAM & ALICIA R.
9-Jul-Madison Bowey signed puck:  SHAWN R.
10-Jul-Hershey Bears Wine Bag & Cheese Set:  GLENN L.
11-Jul-(2) WWE Live Tickets: CHAD K.
12-Jul-Riley Barber signed 17-18 Commemorative Photo Plaque: FRANK H.
13-Jul-(1) $50 GIANT gift card: MICHAEL P.
14-Jul-$50 Fenicci's Gift Card:  DAVID & MATT O.
15-Jul-(2) WWE Live Tickets: JASON B.
16-Jul-Dustin Gazley signed puck: BRITTANI D.
17-Jul-$50 Arooga's Gift Card: KATHLEEN K.
18-Jul-(2) Show of the Summer tickets:  SUZANNE S.
19-Jul-Hershey Bears Wine Bag & Cheese Set:  ANDREW G.
20-Jul-Jonas Siegenthaler & Hubert Labrie signed 17-18 Commemorative Photo Plaque: RACHEL M.
21-Jul-(2) Counting crows tickets: DENNIS & LORRAINE B.
22-Jul-Giant Center Cooler Bag: DON B.
23-Jul-Garrett Mitchell signed puck: GEORGE & MARY ANN S.
24-Jul-(1) Papa John's Pizza Party: RICHARD S.
25-Jul-$50 Arooga's Gift Card: GREGORY M.
26-Jul-Phoenix Copley signed puck: DIANA H.
27-Jul-$50 Fenicci's Gift Card: WILLIAM D.
28-Jul-80th Anniversary Wine Chiller: PAT B.
29-Jul-Outdoor Classic Game-Used Mesh Banner: BENNET B.
30-Jul-17-18 Season Team Signed Practice Jersey: SHEILAH L.
31-Jul-17-18 Season Garrett Mitchell Game-Worn Jersey: MARK F.

Hershey Bears in a victory embrace

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