Season Ticket Holder Month of Winning

Season Ticket Holder Month of Winning

08/04/2018 - CONGRATULATIONS to our lucky and loyal Season Ticket Holders who have been randomly selected for the "Month of Winning" contest! Each day during the month of July, a Bears Season Ticket Holder account was randomly selected to win a variety of prizes. 

If you are interested in becoming a new Hershey Bears Season Ticket Holder, please contact Derek Moore at (717) 508-BEAR, plans start at $195.00 with great seats still available!

1-Jul-(2) Maroon 5 Tickets: JOHN E.
2-Jul-(1) $25 CommunityAid gift card:  JAMES M.
3-Jul-(2) Lynyrd Skynyrd Tickets:  EDWARD H.
4-Jul-Zach Sill signed puck:  EDWARD F.
5-Jul-(1) $50 GIANT gift card:  WILLIAM K.
6-Jul-$50 Arooga's Gift Card:  SUSAN F.
7-Jul-Colby Williams & Wayne Simpson signed 17-18 Commemorative Photo Plaque: ALAN F.
8-Jul-(2) Maroon 5 Tickets:  ADAM & ALICIA R.
9-Jul-Madison Bowey signed puck:  SHAWN R.
10-Jul-Hershey Bears Wine Bag & Cheese Set:  GLENN L.
11-Jul-(2) WWE Live Tickets: CHAD K.
12-Jul-Riley Barber signed 17-18 Commemorative Photo Plaque: FRANK H.
13-Jul-(1) $50 GIANT gift card: MICHAEL P.
14-Jul-$50 Fenicci's Gift Card:  DAVID & MATT O.
15-Jul-(2) WWE Live Tickets: JASON B.
16-Jul-Dustin Gazley signed puck: BRITTANI D.
17-Jul-$50 Arooga's Gift Card: KATHLEEN K.
18-Jul-(2) Show of the Summer tickets:  SUZANNE S.
19-Jul-Hershey Bears Wine Bag & Cheese Set:  ANDREW G.
20-Jul-Jonas Siegenthaler & Hubert Labrie signed 17-18 Commemorative Photo Plaque: RACHEL M.
21-Jul-(2) Counting crows tickets: DENNIS & LORRAINE B.
22-Jul-Giant Center Cooler Bag: DON B.
23-Jul-Garrett Mitchell signed puck: GEORGE & MARY ANN S.
24-Jul-(1) Papa John's Pizza Party: RICHARD S.
25-Jul-$50 Arooga's Gift Card: GREGORY M.
26-Jul-Phoenix Copley signed puck: DIANA H.
27-Jul-$50 Fenicci's Gift Card: WILLIAM D.
28-Jul-80th Anniversary Wine Chiller: PAT B.
29-Jul-Outdoor Classic Game-Used Mesh Banner: BENNET B.
30-Jul-17-18 Season Team Signed Practice Jersey: SHEILAH L.
31-Jul-17-18 Season Garrett Mitchell Game-Worn Jersey: MARK F.

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