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Hello from Hampton Roads, Bears Nation!

Isn't it amazing to watch a regular season of 73 games unfold, only to live through the ups and downs and still not have a playoff situation decided in the final week?

Isn't it even more amazing that the team with which the Bears are tied in points - yet are sitting below Hershey in the standings - plays host for a two-game set and essentially a trip to the postseason, after all this time?

We all knew it was going to be a fun ride back in October.  There were lots of fun rides on the road this year.  Coming to Norfolk, Virginia in April usually brings with it a chance to enjoy summer-like weather and the promise for more hockey to be played.  This week, it is anything but.

With the feel of February in the air, yet the uncertainty of what lies beyond this Saturday hanging in the balance, it all comes down to tonight and Friday for the Hershey Bears, and for the white, red, blue and gold of the Norfolk Admirals.  The Bears' magic number to move on is five points; Norfolk's, six.  A regulation win by either team will claim four points and leave the other with zero.  You can see how quickly fortunes will turn after just one game.  Obviously a loss does not mean that it is all over - but a win in the first game of this set definitely gives the advantage. 

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