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05/26/2009 - As seen in the game program Jim Starr, BEARS Staff Writer Kyle Wilson is about 6' 1" – 200 pounds. He was born December 15, 1984 and he shoots right. I had the chance to sit down with Kyle and get his thoughts on the season so far, and I found out what his favorite junk food is too. It's the same as mine, but will I ever get the call from Washington ... NOOOOooooo! lol Jim Starr: You've come out of the gate full speed this season with 9 goals and 10 assists for 19 points in your first 25 games. The last two seasons with Hershey you had 54 goals and 61 assists for 110 points in 134 games ... add all three seasons together to date and you have as of December 10, 2008, 63 goals, 71 assists for 135 points in 159 games. That's getting close to an average of a point a game, and that's an above average pace in the AHL, and NHL for that matter. Wilson: I guess that's an OK accomplishment, I want to keep it going and maybe make it 200 points in one season someday. (laugh) Starr: In 2006-07, you were the "Player of the game" on BEARS Radio more than any other player and you were named Hershey's "Rookie of the Year." "This ain't your Dad's pond hockey." Wilson: Well, we were pretty slim on "Rookie of the Year" candidates that season but I had a decent year my first season in Hershey. I ended up with a point a game and that's something to be proud of. Starr: What are your pre-game superstitions before a game? Wilson: I'm pretty standard, I don't do anything crazy ... but everyone has their routine. I make sure I keep it in the same order: Stretch a little, ride the bike, do everything I'm used to in the same order, then I'm feeling prepared. I'm not one of those guys that have to tap the right side of their knee pad for eight seconds or anything. (laugh) Starr: Are there really players that do that kind of thing? (laugh) Wilson: (laugh) Well that might be a little far stretched, but there are certain guys that like to tap a certain sign, or say something to themselves, or line mates might have something they have to do together before they go out. Starr: Without saying names, or even what team, what is the craziest superstition you ever saw a player have before a game? Wilson: Well. There were some weird guys I've seen before I came to Hershey. They have to get dressed a certain way, some guys put their skates on before anything else. Starr: You mean they start out looking like that guy from "Slap Shot" at the end of the movie skating around wearing practically nothing but skates? (laugh) Wilson: It makes sense though to have your skates as one of the first things you put on, before you're wearing all of your other equipment, because then it makes tying your skates more restrictive if you already have all your equipment on. Starr: I'm going to try that, but it probably won't help me ... I have natural padding (my gut) that I'm already wearing whether I want to or not. Believe me, that's restrictive when it comes to leaning down to tie skates. (laugh) How do you describe GIANT Center on game night? Wilson: I've been around the league and there's nothing that compares to it. On Saturday nights when you have 10,000 fans packing the house they really live and breath with the team and when you give them something to cheer for they're the loudest fans in the league, and when you're down they try and pick you up. When you hear people cheering for you and it's really loud it gets your blood pumping and it gives you an extra jump in your step and every inch counts when you're playing at this level so the crowd is definitely a 7th man advantage. Starr: Have you been called up to Washington at all the past three seasons? Wilson: I've been to their training camps, but I haven't gotten the call yet to go up and play a game. Starr: You will. What do you think about before each shift? Wilson: It depends on what's going on out on the ice, are we up a man, are we in a penalty kill. If you're up by a couple of goals you go out and play a little conservative and make sure you're doing all of the right things, and if offensive opportunities happen then you go for it. But, if your down by a couple of goals then you're taking a couple more chances and thinking about how the team can put the puck in the net. Actually it's good to visualize putting the puck in the net before every shift regardless of the score. They say that the best goal scorers don't even see a goalie, they just see net, and shoot for it. Based on that I use the snap shot more often but if you have room to deek that goalie (you don't see) and you can get him moving, then that's a great way to score too. Top shelf is best. (smile) Starr: Did you ever have a roommate with a snoring habit? Wilson: Last year I roomed a lot with Scott Barney and he snored a lot. He's not here now so I can rat him out a little bit. (laugh) Starr: Freddy said the same thing last year. What has been your greatest achievement so far in hockey? Wilson: In college at Colgate we went to the Sweet 16 and then I went to the finals with the BEARS the following season, so those were two great experiences. Starr: Going to college at Colgate, you must have had pretty white teeth. (smile) Wilson: Yes. And we had to keep them protected with the full-face guards. Starr: What other sports do you like to watch or play? Wilson: In the summer I'll play golf, maybe a little bit of tennis. I love watching football. Starr: What is your favorite football team? Wilson: Well, my fiancé is from Philly so I have to say the Eagles to keep her happy. (laugh) Starr: What is your favorite junk food? Wilson: ICE CREAM BY FAR! A good ice cream with a peanut butter cup and I'm out of control. (laugh) Starr: So what is your favorite ice cream? Wilson: It changes a lot because I eat so much ice cream I have to change it up so I don't get bored with it. I bought something recently called "Overload" that has pretzels and peanut butter cups in it so there was no shortage of flavor. Starr: Have you tried Moose Tracks? Wilson: I have tried Moose Tracks, I'll give it an 8.7, the tracks are good, and those moose droppings or whatever they are ... they are good too. (smile) Starr: I noticed a new brand with the GIANT label called "Bear Foot Fudge." You would probably like that too. Starr: So, for the ladies, I have to confirm that your relationship with your fiancé is rock solid, no hope for any ladies in the crowd. Wilson: I'm an Eagles fan, and sorry, no hope for anyone in the crowd. Starr: Do you think you will change baby diapers when the time comes? Wilson: Well. When the time comes I guess, but thankfully so far in my life I have not had the pleasure. (laugh) Starr: Can you cook at all? Wilson: I have my own place right now so I have to do all of those things, I have to cook, clean, do laundry ... although my fiancé does come up a lot from Philly on the weekends and I find the laundry done and there's food on the table. (smile) Starr: If I had a fiancé like that, I would be an Eagles fan too! lol

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