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04/30/2009 - As seen in the game program Jim Starr, BEARS Staff Writer Darren Reid is a 6'2', 202-pound Right Winger. He's isn't one of the glamour boys, but he does have a special roll to play on the team, and he does have a lot of professional hockey experience under his "Lid." Jim Starr: You don't rack up a lot of goals and assists, what is your roll on the team? Darren Reid: Every team is a little different as far as what each players roll is on the team. I think my roll on this team is energy, to go out there every night and play physical, and play good defense. It all depends on where I'm at on the ice when the opponents try something. Sometimes I'm in deep and sometimes I hang high and try to be the first player back. Starr: Do we, as a team play man on man or zone hockey? Reid: We like to play man on man. Starr: Are you a healthy scratch for a lot of the games until the end of the season because of your length of time in pro hockey and your experience? Reid: Well, I do have a lot of games in the AHL and I'm almost a veteran player now. I can only play six games until I become a veteran, so Coach Woody is sitting me a few games so myself, and some other players will not obtain veteran status and we will be eligible to play all next season without the veteran status. It's a smart move by Coach Woods, and a win-win situation for everyone involved. Starr: What hat do you have on there, it says "American eagle", what's that? Reid: aaahhhh, it's a clothing company at the mall and I liked their hat so I got one. Starr: I asked Deano why more players don't play the physical and crunch them into the boards roll? Reid: Well, it's all about timing and lining the guy up as he comes down the ice with the puck. All of our guys have their rolls assigned to them. We just need the Coaches or the GM to get those more physical guys if they think we need them. But with the speed and the moves that these guys come down the ice, it's hard to not get faked out a little and not be able to line them up the way you want to. Doug and Woody like my physical play, and as a result you can see that my offense isn't that great in the points department because I'm trying to keep guys off balance and give them a couple of bruises. It's not unusual for me to go the whole season with only four or five points. It's also good to stick to guys your own size or bigger to lay out with a hard check. I don't want to do that to someone smaller than me, unless he's an immediate scoring threat. Starr: Do you have any pre-game superstitions? Reid: No. I'm not superstitious at all. I do everything as a normal routine each game day. Starr: What do you think is your greatest hockey achievement so far? Reid: To play in the NHL. I did that in 2005, and I would like to try and make it back up someday. My initial NHL experience was with the Tampa Bay Lightning. I played seven games with the Lightning and 14 games with the Flyers. Another great achievement was being able to come here and play for Hershey. It's a great organization and rich with history, so this is a great AHL achievement for me. When I played against the bears I could tell they had great fans and it was a great building. You are almost certain that when you have that kind of franchise success and the crowds and the building, that there are going to be great coaches and GM's that go with it, so I'm happy with my decision to come to Hershey. Starr: Who are your roommates here at home? Reid: Well, here at home it's Steve Pinizzotto, and Patrick McNeill. Starr: Which one of them do you want to choke the most? (smile) Reid: Both of them! (laugh) They are such good guys, we get a long so great. There's never a dull moment at our house. I mostly listen to Pinner (Pinizzotto) and P-Mack (McNeill) argue and beat each other up. (laugh) I'm the older one so I usually sit back and throw in my two cents once and awhile. Starr: WOW! That's sounds better than cable. (smile) Reid: (laugh) Almost. We take turns cooking on different nights, if my schedule has me out the latest, they will have a meal waiting for me. Starr: You're just like the odd couple only it's three guys. (laugh) Reid: It's more like the three stooges (laugh) and I'm Moe. Starr: Oh, that's good, because he always gets the best shots in and wins the scrums. (laugh) Reid: Exactly! Starr: You're single but in a relationship, when the time comes, will you change a diaper? Reid: I will change a diaper and do my part. Starr: Do you have a favorite junk food. Reid: Twizzlers (laugh) Starr: Who is your roommate on the road? Reid: Steve Pinnozotto. Starr: So you have to live with him all the time? Reid: Yes. Sometimes it's tough (laugh) Starr: How can you ever mentally prepare for a game when all you see day in and day out is Steve Pinnozotto? (laugh) Reid: (laugh) It's all good, he's a great guy. (Starr Note: All of a sudden Darren starts to interview me) Reid: How long have you been reporting? Starr: I guess over 20 years as a hockey reporter. I go back as far as the 1968-69 cup as a 15 year old usher in the Hershey Sports Arena. Reid: Wow, that's a while back. Starr: I used to play in the amateur leagues in Hershey, which was the best hockey between Philly and Pittsburgh. I ended up second in the league in goals and points, but then over the summer I broke my left thigh and ankle in a motorcycle accident. Reid: I guess that's why we aren't allowed to ride motorcycles or ski. (laugh) Snowboarding was my thing, I used to love that! I like baseball too. Starr: Why did you ask me how long I've been reporting. Am I that bad? (laugh) Reid: No, I like it. Most of the interviews I've done the reporter just had the little hand held recorder with the built in mic, but you have a larger recorder, and real microphone that plugs into your recorder. I like your set up. Starr: Well, thank you Darren, it's a pleasure to finally meet you and talk one on one. Reid: Yes. It's my pleasure to meet you too. Have yourself a great day. (Starr Note: Wow, what a nice guy. He liked my recording equipment. No one has ever told me that. A real smart cookie, that Reid Guy.) (smile)

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