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Below are a collection of Bears RSS feeds that are available from the Bears website. If you have a My Yahoo page you can add the feeds buy clicking on the "+ My Yahoo" button.

Don't know what a RSS Feed is? See explanation below.

RSS Feeds

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What is RSS?

Contrary to what it sounds like, RSS does not stand for Really Scary Stuff...but instead means Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. With all the information available on the web, efficiency is key and finding what you’re interested in quickly is a real challenge! RSS technology enables you to gather headlines and updates for your computer from a variety of your favorite web resources.

How do I set up RSS?

One option is to sign up for a free My Yahoo! Account. Once established, your My Yahoo! page will offer you an array of RSS feeds. We have added My Yahoo! shortcuts to our feeds to make it easy to add them to your My Yahoo! page.

You can also use a news reader. There are different versions of readers available and it depends on your operating system, some readers are web-based (Pluck, Bloglines or My Yahoo!); and some are available as a free download (FeedDamon, FeedReader). The downloadable version offers more options and control over the browser-based readers.

For a list of RSS news readers visit Yahoo or Google.

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